b'| LIFES TYLE | WHAT ABOUT THE WORKERS?Tensions in the workplace are all too common and the impact on individuals and the organisation as a whole can be damaging, so swift and fair mediation can be a very useful resolution for all parties. by john webbW e spend a hugecome back from the brink of a course of amount of timeaction that will probably be damaging at work, going tofor everyone concerned. We think it is or from work, ormuch better to resolve a problem with thinking abouta working relationship in place so that work. We spend more time with bossesyou can get on with your job and life.and co-workers than we do with ourIt is never too early to think about family and friends, and our relationshipsmediation in the workplace, so dont with them have a profound impact.leave it until it is too late.What we do and say in the workplaceMediator,matters, whether we are employeesCollaborative Solutions being told what to do, bosses telling other people what to do, or if we aremediated case study:part of that ever-growing class ofemployers and employees, an absolute worker that is the contractor. last resort. Not only are they costly, theyA WORKPLACE When we have issues, disputesoften take years to happen. DISPUTEcan arise in the workplace. OftenWorkplace disputes cost businesses, HR becomes involved to deal withorganisations and above all peopleby emma goodingthe problem. While in all fairness HR(be they employees, managers, or(All participants agreed to share their story, processes can resolve some issuesanyone else) a huge amount in stress,on the condition that neither they nor the and put an end to disputes, mostlyproductivity and lost earnings. We arecompany were identified.)they tend towards a resolution thatseeing more and more instances inA lice works in a marketing favours the employer. Dismissal,small businesses and start-ups that resignation, written warnings,team disputes can present an existentialdepartment of 5 performance improvement plans,threat to the business when key playersemployees, in a new but all these are unpleasant andare involved.fast-growing technology potentially confrontational things andAt Collaborative Solutions wecompany. Her line unfortunately one or more of thembelieve that early intervention throughmanager and the other employees in often happen at the end of a workplacemediation is a way to head off issuesthe team are all male. Alice is a valued dispute. and confrontation before they becomeemployee who is hard-working and There is no legal aid for Employmentunsolvable disputes. Even at a relativelycreative. She recently won an industry Tribunals anymore. So ETs are, for mostlate stage mediation can help youaward, of which she is justifiably proud.Do you have a dispute you would like to settle without going to court or to tribunal?Collaborative Solutions can help you resolve your dispute through mediation. Its voluntary, confidential and about finding a solution that works for everyone at a fraction of the cost of court or tribunal.'