THE RIVER MAGAZINE | Winter 2018 31 T hese days massage is used for both medical and relaxation purposes to help improve and maintain an individuals health and well-being. Massage has unique techniques and methods and most importantly, their deep tissue and pregnancy massages, however some of the more holistic massages are explained below: Aromatherapy Massage Aromatherapy massage uses the medicinal properties of essential oils found in plants and herbs. The essential oils are used to enhance both the physical and mental well-being of the individual. Massages can be relaxing or part of a deep Indian Head Massage Indian head massages use acupressure and massage to focus on the head, face, neck and shoulders relieving muscular clench their jaws, however Indian massages are also super relaxing and de-stressing. Manual Lymphatic Massage Commonly known as MLD this uses gentle massage and light touch to help improve the circulation in the bodies lymphatic system. The lymph system helps to reduce lymphedema and remove waste products and swelling away from tissues and back into the glands of the lymph system. Often prescribed by GPs and surgeons post surgery (such as liposuction or breast First reports of massage were seen in 2,700 BC by the ancient Chinese and formed part of their acupressure and acupuncture. BODYTONIC CLINIC Suite 10-11, Dock Offices Surrey Quays Road SE16 2XU and other clinics in Stratford and Wapping t: 0203 606 0490 e: w: ® Hot Stone Massage Hot stone massage uses iron rich stones to produce a deeply warming massage which helps the body to improve its circulation and a deep muscle relaxation. Often used as a winter treat this massage creates deep pressure but without the general pain levels due to the heat produced by the stone. helps to promote physical and mental well-being by linking points of the feet to corresponding organs through the nervous system. Best for people who are active on their feet, everyday stress and anxiety. massage listed above all with osteopathy, foot health treatments, pilates and yoga. In October the clinic was named‘Practice of the Year”at the Institute of Osteopathy awards 2018. The team are ecstatic by the national award and proud of the recognition for their hard work. If you’ve • Relieving muscular tension • Relieving everyday stress • Reducing anxiety • Helping relaxation • Aiding sleep • Promoting physical well- being • Promoting mental well-being • Improving circulation and swelling MAGIC Massage THE of | H E A L T H |