I n November I travelled to Jodhpur to visit an old friend I worked with many moons ago. Sneh Gupta, once a star of TV and film, invited a small party of us to stay at the school she has set up and now oversees as part of her Indiability Foundation charity work. The school houses hundreds of boys and girls who otherwise, without the opportunity for education, would be outcasts of society. Sneh has recently raised money to build a temple for them - in their culture to have a disability can sometimes lead to exclusion from even the religious community. Sneh’s work aims to empower the children who often go on to universities, compete in the Paralympics or become teachers, in fact most of the teachers there have been students themselves at the school. The children all have sunny dispositions and having known her as an actress it was a privilege to see her work and how she has found a bigger reward in her love for the school and charity work. If you would like to contribute to this wonderful initiative and help children in India reach their potential then do look up their website and find a way to help, or just spread the word. This winter Sneh hopes to buy them new jumpers and warm blankets. Empowering disabled children of Jodhpur BY ANGELA WEBB, EDITOR INDIABILITY FOUNDATION (JODHPUR) A not-for-profit organisation India: Non-Governmental Organisation, NGO No. 32/2011 (Jodhpur) UK: Registered Charity No. 1142926 w: www.indiability.org/contribute/donate f: facebook.com/Indiability.Foundation.Org/ INDIA Appeal A young boy recites his times table in the classroom (From left to right) Sarah Whitlock, Lynette McMorrough and Angela Webb arriving at the school in Jodhpur Sarah receives a garland from a student, with Sneh Gupta behind While serving the boys their lunch I enjoyed sharing a giggle with them 32 THE RIVER MAGAZINE | Winter 2018