| P R O P E R T Y | Like a magpie, Jess is in her element when exploring the corners of London and bringing back the unexpected into the homes she is working on. Her skill at refurbishing furniture with a twist of colour or style is a talent she honed extensively at university. Since then she quite literally set up shop in London selling interior design solutions, anything from up- cycled dining tables and chairs, revamped kitchens and bathrooms to full turn-key property development. Each client and space invites a unique stylistic response but, as one might expect, central London properties often share a similar challenge; the need for ingenious space-making solutions within a realistic budget. Many of Jess’s clients are looking to stage a property to sell or let and simple ideas can make a big difference to rental revenues or sales prices. One of her recent projects, a four-bedroomed apartment, needed a total makeover. An ex-local authority property that had been rented for years had become a dark and musty accommodation that would struggle to achieve a good sales or rental price without some care and attention. Jess and her small team of hand-picked builders set about knocking down walls, re-organising spaces and installing stylish lighting throughout to breath fresh life into it. Two new bathrooms were fitted and a simple low-cost kitchen with a handful of quality bespoke features that added quality and value. After 7 weeks the project was complete and Jess handed back the keys to the owner. With a total budget of just £65k the sales value of the property had doubled to £675k and the accommodation was then successfully rented out, achieving a much improved £2,900 per month. Which goes to show that whatever the interior space, there can be significant returns when the stage is set with style, creativity and finesse. JESSICA OLSSON-ZABEL URBANROOK Interior Design t: 07899 658903 e: jess@urbanrook.co.uk w: urbanrook.co.uk I really enjoy creating quirky, cosy living spaces THE RIVER MAGAZINE | Spring 2018 37