b'| FOOD & DRINK HEALTH | General Manager and former Elite runner Benjamin Ayling provided us with an insight into how technology and innovation is essential to every members journey at the state-of-the-art FitnessSpace club in Surrey Quays.A t Fitness Space Surrey Quays every tool possible is employed by the team of athletes and personal trainers who coach gym members to their target fitness, from mobile phone Apps with bespoke training programmes to the latest exercise machines fully integrated with each members device and profile.With DNA Testing to assess health and training predispositions, monthly body composition analysis, personal bespoke programmes uploaded to the clubs App and classes with real-time heart rate feedback, Fitness Space Surrey Quays is taking a tech-driven approach to health and fitness. Its an approach that is welcomed by its clientele, and most importantly: gets results.We spoke with the clubs General Manager Ben Ayling, a former Elite level 5k and 10k runner who also holds a UKSCA accreditation in Strength & Conditioning. Alongside coaching within various premium clubs for over a decade and running his own coaching business, he also helped set up and manage the gym at The Ned, a 5 Star hotel and private members club.As soon as a member signs up with us we do a DNA Test with a non-invasive cheek swab, which takes around 60 seconds, explained Ben Ayling. Within two weeks the results are back from the lab, providing an insight into the new club members genetic predispositions for: Recovery Rate (ability to remove free radicals)TECHStrength vs Power Genes present VO2 Max Potential Carbohydrate SensitivitySaturated Fat SensitivityUsing this information, their personal coach can plan or modify a members training programme and personal training sessions, in order to get the results they want, with WORKOUTS The Connect Bike Classmore certainty. It makes training far more efficient and bespoke to each member, added Ben.One of our most valuable pieces of technology in our gym is our Tanita Body Composition machine, which uses Bioelectric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology, Ben continued. When you stand on a Tanita monitor, a very in Surrey Quays at Fitness Space Surreylow, safe electrical signal is sent from four metal electrodes Quays, where everyonesthrough your feet to your legs and abdomen. The electrical target 90% BPM is an effective leveller signal passes quickly through water present in hydrated 4THE RIVER MAGAZINE|Autumn 2016 THE RIVER MAGAZINE|Winter 201929'