b'Gym users stay focussed on personal fitness goals using the Fitness Space App and bespoke personal training programmesmuscle tissue but meets resistance when it hits fat tissue.ensuring that they continue to be cutting edge year-on-year.This gives us one of the most thorough breakdowns ofWe treat our members as everyday athletes, he continued, body composition available. It provides info on: Body Fatensuring they move well, are injury-free and have strong %, Muscle Mass, Hydration Levels, Bone Mass, Metabolicfoundations. Technogym equipment allows us to programme Rate, Metabolic Age, Muscle Scores and Segmental Analysisexercises that are functional, dynamic and loaded (allowing us to see the split of body fat and muscle mass forappropriately to get the desired responses to quality training.every limb). Members can log in via the App using the bespoke Members at Fitness Space in Surrey Quays are encouragedprogramme their coach has put together and the equipment to use the Tanita Body Composition Monitor every month,will start at the correct resistance / speed, changing so they can see their progression in real time. It keepsaccordingly based upon their coachs programming. everyone honest, said Ben, providing the extra motivation orBen was keen to demonstrate how the intelligent use of accountability needed each and every month. technology really helps members train efficiently, keeping The Fitness Space App is the bridge between the clubstheir sights on their goals at all times. Our Connect Bike expert trainers and its members on a day-to-day basis. AllClass is a great example of how technology is integrated members bespoke training programmes are uploadedseamlessly, while maximising clients individual performances, to their App, with coach notes, rest times and videos tohe said. reinforce correct techniques. The App allows members toMembers can log in to a bike and connect up their seamlessly log in to the top of the range Technogymheart rate monitor, which will then in-turn put their profile equipment to track sessions and monitor progress. up on our projector screen. The coach then runs the class, The App is like an extension of our experienced coaches,simultaneously monitoring each members Power (Watts), explained Ben. So when members are doing the extraCadence (RPM), Heart Rate % and Resistance Level. This sessions their trainer has set outside of coached sessions,allows the coach to make sure everyone is set up correctly they know exactly what to do and are not lost when theyand sitting in the right Heart Rate zone for each phase of the come into the gym. It helps remove any uncertainty manyclass. It eliminates strength / fitness differences because every people face when they walk into a gym without a structuredmembers 90% is relative to their body / fitness levels.session plan or end goal. A new era of training has arrived, hand in hand with The App also acts as a training diary and progress monitortechnology, bringing a science and measurability to the by logging each body composition analysis onto the resultsentire process. With a New Year and fresh resolutions in sight, page. Members can show their friends / family / colleaguesits a perfect time to talk to Ben and his team about how you their progress and the coaching team often see client socialcan be a part of it too.media posts of screenshots from the Apps results pages, celebrating major milestones or progressions. FITNESS SPACE SURREY QUAYSThe exercise equipment throughout the gym isUnit 3, 3 Aurora Pointundeniably state-of-the-art linking easily with membersMarine WharfApps and personal settings. Ben, an experienced Elite runner,Plough Waydescribed how this quality kit supports every gym member,SE16 7FQwhatever their level of fitness. Were very fortunate to havet: 0203 972 0350Technogym as our equipment partner. They invest a hugee: surreyquays@fitnessspace.com% of their profits back into research and development,w:fitnessspace.com/surrey-quays30THE RIVER MAGAZINE|Winter 2019'