DULWICH PICTURE GALLERY GALLERY ROAD, SE21 7AD 020 8693 5254 Harald Sohlberg: Painting Norway To 2 June Be transported to the wild landscapes and enchanting villages of rural Norway. Harald Sohlberg, one of Norway’s greatest painters, created works that evoke the wilderness of the Nordic landscape, the softness of its flower fields and the harsh beauty of its winters. This spring, the first major UK exhibition of Sohlberg’s works comes to Dulwich Picture Gallery, celebrating 150 years since the artist’s birth. With close to 100 works, we showcase the breadth and ambiguity of his paintings, and their enduring relevance in today’s world. NEWPORT STREET GALLERY NEWPORT STREET, SE11 6AJ John Bellany and Alan Davie: Cradle of Magic To 2 June 2019 ‘Cradle of Magic’brings together two giants of twentieth- century British painting: John Bellany (1942–2013) and Alan Davie (1920–2014). Born in Grangemouth in 1920, Alan Davie was one of the first British artists to explore Abstract Expressionist forms and techniques. Linked to the Scottish Renaissance movement – a group of poets, musicians and artists who emerged in the first half of the twentieth century. Over a long and prolific career, John Bellany came to be considered one of Britain’s foremost figurative painters. Born in the small fishing town of Port Seton in East Lothian, where Calvinism was deeply engrained, Bellany described the relationship between the sacred and profane as being among his most important subjects. Exhibitions Listings Harald Sohlberg: Painting Norway at the Dulwich Picture Gallery “Spring Evening, Akershus Fortress” (1913) John Bellany and Alan Davie: Cradle of Magic at Newport Street Gallery Alan Davie: “Insignias of the Gannet People” (1958) Don McCullin Photography at Tate Britain “Seaside pier on the south coast, Eastbourne, UK 1970s” | C U L T U R E | 26 THE RIVER MAGAZINE | Spring 2019 | C U L T U R E |