b'TEST, METABOLICDONTANALYSISGUESS.No matter what your health and fitness goals, guessingis never the answerTo be your best, you take a lot of care to make the right choices: - If you are not an efficient user of fat, will a 4 What food to eat low carb-high fat diet really work for you?4How much to train - If your body becomes more exercise efficient, will that lower your calorific output 4What type of training is best for you and slow weight loss?- If your metabolic rate is lower than But what if you could. expected, will you still lose weight by simply 4 Discover your actual resting metabolic rate dropping 500kcal per day?4 Know how efficient you are at burning fat4 Find out when your muscles start to use carbs instead of fat Christian Thomson Personal Training 4 Discover how efficient your muscles really are? has the equipment and know-how to answer these questions, so you can know the optimum way to achieve your best.Test, dont guess is the answer. Christian Thomson is a fully accredited Performance Coach whohas achieved World Kick Boxing Championship Gold and recognitionas Coach of the Year by the Body Transformation Awards 2017. Contact Christian Thomson and his team to makeinformed decisions on your training and dietary approach.superhumansystem christianthomson9 info@christianthomson.co.uk'