b'| EDUCATION | student said. A lotBut Year 11 of friendships werestudents were strengthened andnot the only created throughones to enjoy group activities andEuropean travel adventures. Also,this year. Year 10 through the easystudents visited access to natureFriendships and international connectionsBarcelona, within surroundings.were made at the Taiz Community in France where they I believe whethermet and talked Christian or not,with locals and Taiz is a journey that most people should experience tovisited sites of cultural significance.find themselves, and have a deepened understanding of theMy experience in Barcelona was beyond mind-blowing. I world around us. As in life it is essential to know how andhad such an amazing time with my classmates and teachers why certain things occurto discover truth. that time flew so fast My favourite part about the trip was Other summer outings this year included a trip to Theinterviewing people in Barcelona and communicating with Freud Museum in Hampstead for Year 12 pupils, and athem in Spanish, said Year 10 pupil Anjumara.separate opportunity for two groups to attend the National Psychology Competition which was held at Royal HollowayST SAVIOURS & ST OLAVES SCHOOLUniversity in Egham, Surrey. In the weeks preceding theNew Kent RoadThe girls from SSSOcompetition, both groups had to produce an A1 poster andSE1 4ANenjoying lunch in Barcelonaa 3-minute video centred around this years question of Howt: 0207 407 1843earlier this year can psychology be used to promote equality and greatere: office@ssso.southwark.sch.ukacceptance of diversity.w: ssso.southwark.sch.ukSt Saviours & St Olaves Inclusive Transformative Supportive Compassionate Re ective& THE GLOBAL COMMUNITY Celebrating over 110 years of girls education at our schoolPupils from St Saviours and StT his summer six Year 11 students from St SavioursO P E NS E S S I O N S\x18 \x17 \x16 \x15and St Olaves School, Ms Bere and Rev Imogen Olaves in SE1 have spent timespent a week at the Taiz Community in France. this summer meeting with otherTaiz is a Christian Community where young people from all over the world can go to join in young people from all over thewith community life, meet new friends, to connect withTursday 19 September, at 6pm HIGH ABILITY TESTGod and find a sense of peace and direction in life. world.The students met people from Germany, Austria, Ireland,Friday 20 September, at 10amSaturday 5th October, at 10am Sweden, Zimbabwe, Peru and many other countries, andWednesday 25 September, at 10am although the diversity of everyones origins were clear atSIXTH FORM OPEN EVENING the start of the week, by the end of their stay all childrenTursday 3 October, at 10am Tursday 17th October, at 6pm enjoyed a real sense of connection through conversations, having fun and worshipping together.Taiz was an amazing journey to have been able to experience both physically and emotionally, one Year 11An 11-18 Church of England Girls School0207 407 1843with Science Specialist Status of ce@ssso.southwark.sch.ukNew Kent Road, London SE1 4AN www.ssso.southwark.sch.uk38THE RIVER MAGAZINE|Autumn 2019 THE RIVER MAGAZINE|Autumn 201939'