AT LONDON GLASSBLOWING | P R O P E R T Y | THE RIVER MAGAZINE | Summer 2018 21 Cathedral and he continues to exhibit his work internationally. This was the first time the pair brought their works together in the same exhibition. “It was comforting to work together, we could share and discuss technical aspects of the process,”added James. “It really made us think about glass in a different way, considering why it is so special and how it is a material that can be recycled.” How do they think audiences will respond to their work? “We want to bring a bit of the Maldives to Bermondsey so we hope the exhibition has a different feel to normal shows. We have thought about how we could present this differently. We want to invite debate and we hope people will enjoy it and feel the influence of where we were,”says Louis. The duo may have interpreted their experiences in different ways but both artists vehemently agree on the power of glass. “I was completely mesmerised and hooked when I started working with glass,”says Louis. “I know the material is a challenge no matter how much knowledge I acquire. It’s magical and surprises me - even after 30 years. Working with glass is complex and it has been a difficult road to get to grips with but I wouldn’t work with any other material.” James ends: “There are so many unknown variables from a creative point of view and you can create something so LONDON GLASSBLOWING STUDIO 62-66 Bermondsey Street SE1 3UD t: 020 7403 2800 e: w: The Studio will be holding demonstrations on 23 June and an evening talk will take place on 5 July. new. I’ve found that many contemporary glass artists fall into this and become hooked. You can find so many ways to manipulate it. It’s a truly mysterious material.” Latitude runs 15 June to 7 July 2018 by natalie li AT LONDON GLASSBLOWING U R STHAT DEFY BELIEF