W hether you are aiming to lose weight or run a marathon you are likely to utilise professional advice, therapists and even reference the internet along the way. Many clients at our clinic present themselves with lower back pain from sports injuries and their pathway to optimal health often begins with an osteopathy consultation and treatment. This helps improve pain levels and flexibility through a range of techniques such as mobilization, soft tissue massage and rehabilitation. Patients can continue with sports massage for maintenance, which will compliment the training of their chosen sport. Another frequent journey we help with is pregnancy. Osteopathy is ideal for pregnancy-related pains while pilates is recommended for movement, and pregnancy massage to relieve muscular aches and promote wellbeing. At bodytonic clinic we have been on a journey ourselves - to create an environment where patients and clients can relax, receive treatment and support in a safe and friendly setting. In our brand new air-conditioned clinic space of over 2,500 sq ft, with 8 treatment rooms and a small studio we will soon be adding podiatry and acupuncture to the services on offer. Our new small classes for group exercise, yoga, rehab and pilates (maximum of 10 people) now give everybody the opportunity to reach optimal health with us. When we think of journeys we often think of our daily commute or even our holidays but do you ever think of your health as a journey? by JAMES GILL | H E A L T H | JOURNEYTO Optimal Health BODYTONIC CLINIC Suite 10-11, Dock Offices Surrey Quays Road SE16 2XU and other clinics in Stratford and Wapping t: 0203 606 0490 e: help@bodytonicclinic.co.uk w: bodytonicclinic.co.uk ® 32 THE RIVER MAGAZINE | Summer 2018