THE RIVER MAGAZINE | Summer 2018 33 I n our last edition, Christian Thomson introduced us to Photobiomodulation, otherwise known as Low Level Light Therapy, a treatment to help performance and recovery. In this issue we met with Chris, and asked him how this revolutionary approach is changing his and his clients lives. Have you used the technology and, if so, what effects have you noticed? Yes, I use it before every training session. When I initially got the device I wanted to see how good it really was, so decided to do a little test. First I tested how much I could lift on a bench press, 7 days later I used the device for one minute on each major muscle involved and found I was able to lift 7.5kg more - which is a huge improvement when talking about maximum efforts. The best bit was that strength did carry over into subsequent workouts. What is the sensation during and immediately after using the kit? It’s very subtle, some people feel a slight tingling sensation. After a while the laser/LED head heats up slightly, so you feel the warmth of that. What are the safety considerations? It is recommended that it is not used on the stomach when pregnant or to use it on primary cancer sites. It’s also advised not to point the laser in the eye. Do you have any major success stories? Yes. I’ve had success on reducing scar tissue, stretch marks, increased injury recovery and major leaps in performance already. Actually, my next project involves opening a clinic that uses whole body devices that have greatly improved performance for top athletes in the world, including Justin Gatling and Mo Farah. Can anyone get one of these for home use? Yes, but this kind of Lab Grade equipment is expensive. There are cheaper smaller options, but they rarely produce the power ratio they advertise. What other‘Next Generation’treatments are out there? For speeding up the healing process and increasing performance there is Cryotherapy. For pain management and recovery, Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex (PDTR) is very effective. I’ve seen instant remission of chronic pain, permanent changes of posture in seconds, changes in energy levels and even to primary senses such as sight and hearing. How much do sessions cost and how do do people get in touch? Sessions are 30 minutes long and start from £50. Treatment course lengths can vary based on your goal for example, Grade 2 strains can take from 2-3 weeks of 2 sessions per week. I work by appointment only, so it’s best to message me to arrange a consultation. Next GenerationTreatments for performance and pain management. CHRISTIAN THOMSON EQUILIBRIUM PT t: 07946 319906 e: w: f: eqtransformations t: #eqptequilibrium | H E A L T H | Chris Thomson, Mentor at Body Core and the Body Transformation Academy with a client, using the Photobiomodulation equipment LIGHT Relief