THE RIVER MAGAZINE | Summer 2018 35 | H E A L T H | A brilliant chance for university “In particular, we felt Latin would help students explore the mechanics and structure of language. The scheme has gone very well. We have received excellent feedback from parents, many of whom are aspirational and are now requesting their child be taught Latin.” T o begin with, it offers a sixth form curriculum and support structure geared to Britain’s top universities. Now, it is reinforcing this through a scheme helping prepare students earlier on in their school life. It is taking part in the Researchers in Schools programme delivered by The Brilliant Club, an award-winning charity that helps widen access to highly-selective universities for pupils from under- represented groups. Their two flagship programmes, Researchers in Schools (RIS) and The Scholars Programme, employ more than 600 PhD researchers who have worked with more than 15,000 pupils over the past five years. Under RIS, doctrate researchers and graduates are recruited, trained and placed in non-selective state schools across the country. Joining Harris South Norwood has been Angela Talarn Zaragoza, a trainee teacher in the Maths department. As part of the programme, she teaches Maths, but also runs a super-curricula course called Uni Pathways. This is a two-year teacher-designed programme which supports a small group of Year 9 pupils (13 to 14-year olds), at least half of whom come from backgrounds typically under-represented at high-selective universities. The Year 9 group receive a series of university-style tutorials based on Ms Talarn Zaragoza’s PhD which will enable them to develop their subject knowledge and confidence. In addition, the students will be introduced to subjects outside the curriculum while becoming familiar with the way universities work. As part of the programme, a party of students visited the Royal Holloway University. Ms Talarn Zaragoza, who gained a PhD and two masters degrees in Spain, explained,“I joined the programme because I want to show students that, regardless where you come from, it you work hard and study you can go to university and succeed in your field.” We felt Latin would help students explore the mechanics and structure of language Harris South Norwood is maximising the chances of its students seeking higher education. Latin teacher, Ms Chrysoula Stavrianoudaki Maths teacher, Ms Angela Talarn Zaragoza THE RIVER MAGAZINE | Summer 2018 35