The Thames Barrier On the River Thames, view one of London’s iconic structures from our grounds Visit our exhibition and Café. Groups can pre book a group talk or an educational package with our guides. 0208 305 4188 Call or visit us online for more details and opening times A tourist boat passes a Thames Barrier pier (photographed by Adrian Pingstone) | C U L T U R E | O nce a year there’s a full tide test closure of the Thames Barrier, when the Barrier gates rotate by 90 degrees into the fully closed defence position stopping the tide going into London. As the tide continues to come in, a high level of water builds up downstream creating a different water level on either side of the gates which rotate further - creating a two metre gap underneath (known as an underspill). The white water rush effect behind each of the massive gates lasts up to 2 hours and attracts a flurry of birds down to feed on the small fish at the water’s surface. Access to The Thames Barrier Information Centre is free this year as it participates in Open House weekend 22nd & 23rd September 2018 ( Pop along to meet teams from the Thames Barrier and Environment Agency and see various demonstrations of the technology and their work – there are plenty of fun activities for the children too. Thames Barrier in ACTION THAMES BARRIER ANNUAL TEST CLOSURE Sunday 23rd September 2018 1 Unity Way Woolwich SE18 5NJ t: 0208 305 4188 e: w: