THE RIVER MAGAZINE | Autumn 2018 39 Celebrating 20 Years on Bermondsey Street WILLIAMS LYNCH 63 Bermondsey Street SE1 3XF t: 020 7940 9940 e: w: factories and former tanneries.” Working in property over the years has been far from dull. Mark added, “About a decade ago one of my sales negotiators was showing a client around a loft apartment on Wild’s Rents. The client asked if he could wait for his friend before they viewed the property. A car pulled up and out stepped... Kylie Minogue! It was one of those jaw- dropping moments.” Mark is no stranger to dealing with high profile individuals and celebrities. He has also helped to build a property portfolio for a retail magnate over the past few decades. He continued, “I have been in helicopters over London and flown on a private jet to see Santana in Berlin, thanks to my work with this client. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would be managing property all over the world for my clients after starting my career in North Kent.” In 2008/9 the credit crunch and recession was a testing time for the property market and Mark’s business was no exception. “We survived by growing our lettings portfolio. It really was an uncertain time.” Uncertainty is in air as Brexit looms but Mark is remaining optimistic. The agency has been based at 63 Bermondsey Street since 2007, and the team recently celebrated two decades of business in the UK’s tallest skyscraper – the Shard. Mark summed up his time on Bermondsey Street, “We’ve experienced our highs and lows but building a brand and leading different teams throughout the years has been so rewarding. For an independent estate agency we punch well above our weight. We are honest and transparent and that is one of the reasons for our longevity.” Mark and team earlier this year, heading out for their anniversary meal at The Shard Bermondsey has become renowned for stunning converted warehouse apartments, like these at New Concordia Wharf, also marketed by Williams Lynch in 2013 Warehouse conversion apartments like these were selling at £185,000 back in 1998, prices have risen by 500% since then